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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news on the cw. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." school's out. thieves are in. they keep coming back. where thieves are finding a gold mine that just keeps giving. >> the house is not in order. another day of arguing. still no vote on the house plan and now they are praying on capitol hill. no need to be psychic to tell the future, you just need to be good at math. the formula allowing officers to predict crimes. and it is a mystery lighting up the night sky. why so blue, san francisco? good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm allen martin. ken bastida has the night off tonight. copper thieves have found a gold or in this case a copper mine in the east bay stealing from children. thieves stripped seven schools in vallejo of copper in recent weeks. some schools hit several times.
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robert lyles shows us the mounting damages. >> reporter: at vallejo franklin middle school this is not only going onto the school, it is the only way to get to the scene of the crime. three to five thieves the superintendent believes sliced through metal brackets. >> they know how to cut live wire and they know how to pull it. >> reporter: at least 1500 volts are flowing through this one pipe. >> very high voltage. this is 300 feet. >> reporter: the devil may care the danger these bandits are after the treasure inside copper wiring. >> $5000 just for the wire. >> in this one pipe? >> in this one pine. a rash in the month of july it has been 10 hits in july alone and we had 14 overall. >> reporter: spread over eight
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vallejo franklin has been hit four times. threr -- they are not only professional, they are fearless. someone interrupted the job a few days ago. what did they do? came back this morning to finish the crime. no fear. they don't believe in cuts. >> reporter: they may know there are fewer patrols because of the cuts. >> the police are doing what they can do. it will really come down to community watch. >> reporter: calling police with anything suspicious between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. because with damages mounting. >> we are looking at over $100,000 right now. >> reporter: copper theft could threaten the start of the school year. in vallejo, robert lyles, cbs5 eyewitness news. instead of holding a vote on his debt plan, john boehner sat in a meeting. in the meantime the house voted on renaming post offices. jessica stone reports from washington on what is next. >> reporter: there was no vote
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thursday on house speaker john boehner's bill that would cut $917 billion in spending over 10 years. it appears he is still trying to line up support from conservative republicans demanding deeper spending cuts. all thursday afternoon frustration boiled over on the house floor. >> mr. speaker, mr. speaker. >> this is getting serious, mr. speaker. very serious. we can't keep spending money we just don't have. >> reporter: in the capitol religious leaders gathered to pray protesting budget cuts that would affect america's poor. 11 were arrested. more rallys outside the capitol. harry reid has a bill of his own that would trim 2.2 trillion and raise the debt ceiling through 2013. republicans say it doesn't stand a chance in the house. >> we must not be back here in six weeks or six months
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debating whether to let our nation default on its financial obligations. >> reporter: it could mean higher interest rates including prospective home buyers worrying it could cause monthly mortgage payments to spike. >> i'm trying to stay within my means. if the percentage amount goes up. >> reporter: they will unveil a plan by friday night how the government will pay its bills if congress will not raise the debt ceiling by august 2nd. jessica stone for cbs news, washington. an army private is in jail accused of plotting an attack on fellow soldiers. he had been awol for three weeks from fort campbell, kentucky, arrested in texas tuesday after showing up in a taxi to buy six pounds of gun powder. the store clerk called police after noticing something wasn't quite right. >> first red flag is when he asked kathy what is smokeless
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powder? if you don't know what it is why would you buy six pounds of it. >> he was tracked to a motel where police found gun powder, a pressure cooker, batteries, clocks, a 40 caliber semiautomatic handgun and more than 100 rounds of ammunition. he told investigators he wanted to attack fort hood soldiers and that he was seeking revenge for what he says the army did to him. he is an american-born muslim. he is an objector to the war in afghanistan. police believe he acted alone. passengers saw two men on a plane headed for san francisco threatening to kill the pilot and chased and beat him. linda yee on what passengers believe set those men off. >> reporter: the two brothers were in court in miami. they are accused of aggravated battery and assault on a flight crew. it happened last night when an american airlines flight was about to take off for san
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francisco. jonathan and lewis baez were described by fellow passengers as rough looking when they boarded. >> they were pretty jacked up on the plane. they were using heavy medication. >> reporter: according to the police report as the plane taxied jonathan baez was asleep in his seat. a flight attendant tried to wake him and tell him to buckle up. he did not respond. >> two guys appeared to be either intoxicated or on drugs or something and looked like the pilot needed to go back and take care of it. >> reporter: after more attempts to wake him baez finally woke up and the pilot told him because of his condition he had to get off the plane. but according to the police report as he was being es courted his brother lewis joined him saying if you come to san juan, i will have you killed. the two men are from puerto rico. >> they did not want to leave,
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did not want to get off the plane. then one of the guys punched the guy in his eye right in the face. >> reporter: the brothers chased him and continued beating him. these pictures show what happened in the terminal. >> that's when everybody jumped up and the guys along with myself that jumped up to head to the help out with the situation we kind of waited to see what was going to happen and he struck the officer again and then he struck one. ladies. >> reporter: the pilot suffered cuts and bruises and what the police report says possible permanent eye damage. american airlines says the baez brothers are on their permanent no fly list. at san francisco international airport, linda yee, cbs5. investigators say they have found a marijuana grow site where gunmen shot at officers this week. the officer was patrolling on the upper san leandro reservoir monday night when two people opened fire on him. he wasn't hurt. he returned fire and then called for help.
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crews have been searching the area since then looking for marine grow sites. investigators have not confirmed though that the site they found is related to the shooting. all across the bay area streets are getting a makeover and many of them getting smaller. less room for cars. kiet do with the idea to slow drivers down or maybe even get them out of their cars all together. >> reporter: allen, for the longest time people would go flying down this one way road here in san jose. narobi is until today when they converted it to two-way traffic. so all night long we have been watching people dive out of the way as they come up on this unexpected new change. so you could consider it growing pains as we all learn how to slow down and make room for bikes. you are witnessing the birth of a crosswalk. it is the latest sign we are trending towards more biking and walking and less driving and speeding. 55 miles an hour through the street? >> 55, yes, some cars.
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>> reporter: san jose converted 15 blokes of st. james street from one way to two-way traffic to slow down cars. they plan to do it on seven streets at all. over the next decade the city will double the amount of bike lanes to 500 miles. >> if you build it they will come. you create more bike lanes and safe community spaces for people to walk and bike you will definitely get more pipeline to people to do that. >> reporter: it is happening everywhere. valencia street in san francisco the lights were timed to match the speed of the bikes not the cars. in palo alto the city there just unveiled 130-page plan complete with renders of bike lanes that would make even portland jealous. >> there really is a trend going on? >> yes. i think there is a change in design standards in terms of how wide lanes need to be for cars. and by moving to some of what we call more progressive standards we can reclaim space on the streets and make space available for bicyclists. >> reporter: back on st. james
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street the one-way conversion is going to take some getting used to. >> i will try to accept it as a good thing. >> i don't care for it. and now i've got to deal with construction too. >> reporter: and so the vast majority of traffic in san jose, 80% of it is by people who are driving alone in their cars and by 2040 the city of san jose wants to cut that rate in half. allen? >> wow. all right, see what the time frame is for it. kiet do in san jose, thank you. the bottom line is you paid a fee that is not being collected. who is supposed to reimburse you? it is cloudy. the answer depends on who you ask. more new moms or moms-to-be being spent to the hospital. what thec is linking millions of women. >> now this weekend the day that features thunder. the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste
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should be refunding taxes they collected to millions of passnegers. tonight the irs says airlines should be refunding taxes they collected to millions of passengers. anyone who purchased tickets before the july 22nd f.a.a. shutdown but are flying during the shutdown are entitled to a federal refund. the irs has now asked the
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airlines to provide refunds when requested because it has no information about ticket purchases or travel dates. but united and delta tell us that they are referring customers back to the irs. however, american says it is "looking into what we can do." doctors are seeing more pregnant women and new moms hospitalized for strokes. a new c.d.c. study finds that the number of cases jumped from 4100 to 6300 over about a decade. now that's a 54% increase but still not a huge number considering 4 million babies are born each year in the united states. researchers believe they are seeing an increase because more and more mothers are obese and suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease and also point out women are having children at later ages and age contributes to that stroke risk. well, a local police department is deking out on a new crime fighting tool that is also a money safer. it is something a bay area math
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professor came up with. it is supposed to predict where crime is most likely to happen next. it relies on the idea that human behavior has something to do with earthquake aftershocks. >> reporter: police officers are armed with one of the most effective weapons in this parking garage. information. with pleasant of expensive electronics left out in plain view. experimental computer program that keeps track of every single theft around the clock no matter how small. it has predicted there is a good chance thieves will be roaming about on this day. for this officer it has taken a lot of the guesswork out of patrolling. >> if it wasn't on there, i couldn't guarantee i would be in the garage. >> reporter: if you didn't think a computer program could predict crime try telling that to felecia. after increasing pat rolls in
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the garage officers arrested her and say she was trying -- pat rolls in the garage officers arrested her and say she was trying to break into cars. it is promising. so far it can predict the place and the time of day that a crime will happen with 71% accuracy. >> i just think that's a remarkable success rate. >> reporter: it works like this. crime analyst zach friend enters the information of all of the threfts and burglaries from the previous day into the computer. the program crunches the data and comes up with a map of the probability, day of the week and the general location where crimes will likely happen. the department has shrunk 10% in the past decade down to just 94 cops while property crimes are up 38%. the department had to find a way to do more with less. >> you owe it to the community to do things like this. you can't constantly say you just need more staff. you need more money. or you need more whatever it may be. >> does it surprise you that it is working? >> it don't surprise me. >> reporter: the model is the brain child of santa clara
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university math professor george muller. he uses the same algorithm. >> we all have our routine that we fall into it. everyone has them. so in some sense people are predictable. >> reporter: they are less than a months into the six-months experiment but so far so good. it is crime fighting in the new economy where you work harder and smarter. in santa cruz, kiet do, cbs5. >> predictions are pretty good. whose predictions are better? your weather predictions or their crime predictions? >> how about if we say they are equal because they do a fine job as well, right? >> nice. >> take a look at this. this is nice. our photo journalist. got to find out who shot this. that is glorious.
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you can see the bank of fog hanging over the top hour there of the golden gate bridge. today in the city by the bay, the city of san francisco we had a high temperature 64 degrees and that's down from the average high 69. meanwhile inland away from the bank of low clouds and fog we had low 90s. otherwise it was 82 degrees in san jose which is just a couple of degrees off the average mark. a blanket of clouds into the 50s. otherwise we kick start with the grey stuff then the clouds will peel back to the ocean again. but look how far to the north we have the expansive deck of low clouds and fog and all the way far south as point conception. we will see some partial postal clearing but concerns us most of all is this. it is really interesting. monsoonal moisture. one of the computer models wants to bring it up in a northerly direction, tap into the diablo mountain range on sunday and produce a slight chance of thunder. it is just a chance but got to put it out there for you.
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we will take it one day at a time. as we wrap up your workweek on friday. 82 degrees. partial coastal clearing in the 60s. otherwise inland 85 degrees. napa east of the bay westerlies to 15. berkeley to 95 degrees. in brentwood we are talking about 30-degree span in the east bay alone. 50s, 60s, 70s along the coast. 80 degrees in san jose. the garlic festival this weekend. temperatures in the 90s. extended forecast calling for a string of 90s each day inland all the way until about this time next week. otherwise partial coastal clearing. >> monsoonal sounds bad. >> all right. we will keep an eye on it. orange for the giants, red and green for christmas. >> now one bay area city decked out in blue.
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very blue. with san francisco city budget now balanced you might say city hall is no longer in the red. in fact, it is in the blue. very blue. elizabeth cook found out why. >> reporter: one of the most iconic buildings here in san francisco and the backdrop to numerous historical legislative events. now the building that boasts, well, one of the tallest domes in the world has turned blue. >> reporter: what color would you say that building is? >> ugly . i was just noticing. blue. >> reporter: not just any blue. smurf blue. >> i hadn't seen the movie but i thought in the movie posters it looked like they were trying to get onto a bart train. >> reporter: there was supposed to be a smurf party at city hall but sony pulled the plug on that. we don't know why. but the blue lights stayed.
10:22 pm
rob says the city uses the extra income to help keep the building maintained. >> that's one of the ways that we offset the burden on the citizens in terms of running city hall. >> reporter: it is not the first time city hall has changed its hue. normally it is for holidays or awareness come pains. >> blue for the smurfs. it is blue for autism week. christmas time it is red and green. >> reporter: now, it took minimal construction to turn the building blue. all they did was place a blue gel screen over the lights and that gave it kind of that nice aqua blue look i guess i should say. but the building will go back to normal on monday night. allen? >> so hope the reviews for the building are better than the building. we will see. >> we will see. >> thank you, liz. a small event turned into a near riot at the premier of a film in hollywood and city officials are trying to figure out who to blame.
10:23 pm
thousands gathered outside the chinese theater last night for a block party that got out of hand. it was supposed to be an invitation only opening of a film about a series of notorious raids. but a crowd of uninvited guests gathered after a popular dj sent out a tweet telling everyone to join the party. >> you don't have any kind of incitement to lawless action. just going down and saying we are going to have a block party and dance to music. >> chaos over several city blocks brought out police in riot gear. city officials are deciding whether to hold the dj responsible. nobody was injured. three people were arrested and police say more arrests are possible. the 49ers lose michael crabtree. i'm dennis o'donnell. i will tell you why. and carlos beltran makes his giants debut. next. turn left.
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getting crazy. >> nineers off to a bad start. they lost david boss. he signed with somebody else. the linebacker spikes signed with somebody else. frank gore is holding out. niners today released their most accurate kicker in team history cutting joe nedney in part because of his contract. same goes for cornerback nate clements. late tonight the 49ers placed michael crabtree -- are you ready for this? on the physically unable to perform list due to a lingering foot injury. he will miss four to six weeks meaning he will once again be on the sidelines during the preseason. maybe the regular season.
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baseball. carlos beltran 0-4 with two strikeouts. not great. pablo sandoval no problem getting comfortable in the cleanup spot. kyle kendrick. his 10th home run of the year. tim lincecum tossed six shutout innings after being sick with the flu the last few days. 4-1. they beat the phillies. five runs in the 1st inning. it wasn't enough. thanks to a seven-run 7th inning by the rays evan longoria's 14th home run rays win 10-8 avoiding the sweep. serena williams advancing to the quarterfinals. she will take on maria sharapova tomorrow night. a battle of two former number 1 players. 11 p.m. roberta gonzales is going to do her loud scream that maria sharapova does that frustrates everybody. that's at 11 p.m. you'll want to stick around for that. >> when did eva longoria start
10:28 pm
playing baseball? >> well, he/she sure can hit that ball a long way. >> good night. >> captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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